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About us

Baksan Makina, which was opened in operation by Hüsnü Tatlıdil in 2003, serves its customers in a 1500 m2 closed area in Karaosmanoğlu Industrial Estate in Akhisar district of Manisa.

Baksan Makine, which has not compromised on its quality in the processing of food and olive products since the day it was founded, combines its experience, infrastructure, perfect service understanding with its expert staff and creative technical knowledge, with quality service, the most affordable cost and on time delivery understanding without compromising the principles of trust for you, our valued customers.

Baksan Makina provides services in the domestic market throughout Turkey and its domestic market production continues to grow day by day. Currently 750 companies in the country, abroad; Machinery is exported to countries such as Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Romania, Egypt, Macedonia, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

Our Mission

To be creative beyond being the first implementer of developments and innovations in the subject. By using the necessary technologies for this, it produces holistic solutions to the needs of its customers, beyond their expectations.

Our principles

Believing that productivity should be continuous, increasing productivity and knowing that keeping promises is the biggest gain.
By putting itself in the customer’s place, Baksan Makina prioritizes the commitment of the manufacturer and the customer, determines its needs in advance and offers rational solutions in line with the lines it has determined. Adopts quality as a way of life and ensures its spread. It represents the leadership in the sector by constantly questioning its work, caring about its work and production with the philosophy of “maximum quality” and constantly raising the bar.